We are constantly looking for .NET developers who are passionate about what they do. From beginners to people with a whole lot of experience – we believe that the motivation to learn is key to success at DevLab, and in your personal life.

Our recruiting process

Our recruiter gives you a call if there is a possible match. We then have a chat via Teams to talk about you, your background, your interests & your goals. After that, we want to get technical! You'll have a call with our head of Technology to get an understanding of your technical abilities. If we are both feeling it, you'll have a final conversation with our managing partner. If that conversation goes well, you can expect a contract proposal from our side. After that, we start with the onboarding!

Do you like our vibe, but can't find a vacancy that fits you? Feel free to send your spontaneous application.

We are currently hiring the following profiles:


Front-end developer

Do you want to merge back-end, design and SEO flawlessly together? You can't wait to convert designs into responsive layouts through code? You're ready to test what you've created? If you are thinking yes, yes, yes to those questions, than you're the one we are looking for.


.NET Back-end developer

Do you love writing clean, optimised code? Do you want to deliver top quality platforms? Than you're the one we are looking for!


Full Stack developer

Front-end technology, .NET, Database, Basic design ability, Server, Working with API and version control systems. Does this sound like a dream? Than you're the one we're looking for.


Spontaneous application

Could not find a vacancy that suits you perfectly? Feel free to send us your spontaneous application. Let's chat!

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