The Lab

When entering the lab, you’ll get access to our online training platform. Next to that, we organise regular evening sessions where we share knowledge or tackle a case. By doing so, we stay connected, and fuel our mind.

We also set up 10 training days, so you can specialise in a specific subject. Simply put: when we say that we care about your development, we mean it.

When you start your journey at the DevLab, we assess your skills and we come up with a growth plan. Every 3 months, we have a one-on-one sit down where we go over the progress you made. This way, we can identify your strengths, and skills that you still want to acquire.

Learning platforms

We care about your progress. Learning and experimenting is very important to us. This is why you'll get access to our Lab Learning platform, where you'll be able to update your knowledge in certain skills, as well as track your progress.

Evening sessions

We organise regular evening sessions to share knowledge and learn from each other. Next to that, we also organise regular team events to stay connected!

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